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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

House Holds Hearing Today on Tax Reform and Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts

House LogoThe House Ways & Means Committee hold a hearing today on Tax Reform and Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts:

The hearing will consider the current menu of options for retirement savings – both with respect to employer-based defined contribution plans and with respect to IRAs. The hearing will explore whether, as part of comprehensive tax reform, various reform options could achieve the three goals of simplification, efficiency, and increasing retirement and financial security for American families.

  • David John (Heritage Foundation)
  • Randy H. Hardock (Davis & Harman, on behalf of the American Benefits Council)
  • Judy A. Miller (American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries)
  • William Sweetnam (Groom Law Group)
  • Jack VanDerhei (Employee Benefit Research Institute)

On connection with the hearing, the Joint Committee on Taxation has released Present Law and Background Relating to the Tax Treatment of Retirement Savings (JCX-32-12) (84 pages):

This document ... provides a summary of the present law tax rules applicable to retirement savings arrangements, discussions of selected proposals and economic issues relating to retirement savings, and data on qualified retirement plans and IRAs.

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