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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Washington U. Hosts Conference Today on Employee Benefits in an Era of Retrenchment

Wash.U. LogoWashington University hosts a conference today on Employee Benefits in an Era of Retrenchment:

Panel #1 – Health Care

  • Amy Monahan (Minnesota), Rethinking Small Employer Health Insurance
  • Susan Cancelosi (Wayne State), The Quandary of Federal Intervention in Retiree Health Benefits
  • Donald Bogan (Oklahoma) (moderator/commentator)

Panel #2 – The Future of Employer Plans

  • Colleen Medill (Nebraska), The New Revocable Property
  • Norman Stein (Drexel) & Hanns Kuttner (Hudson Institute), Evidence-Based Retirement Policy
  • Russell Osgood (Washington U.) (moderator/commentator)

Panel #3 – Social Insecurity

  • Kathryn Moore (Kentucky), Social Security Reform in an Era of Retrenchment: The Shifting Focus of the Debate
  • Patricia Dilley (Florida), Are [Payroll] Taxes Just for “Little People”?: Sharing the Burden of Financing Old Age Income Security
  • Barry Kozak (John Marshall) (moderator/commentator)

Panel #4 – ERISA in Action

  • Brendan Maher (Oklahoma City), Private Agreements and Discretionary Clause Federalism
  • Sean Anderson (Illinois), ERISA Benefits Litigation Before and After Glenn
  • Peter Wiedenbeck (Washington U.), Invisible Pension Investments
  • Elizabeth Pendo (St. Louis) (moderator/commentator)

Panel #5 – Comparative Perspectives

  • Paul Secunda (Marquette), Lessons from the Ontario Expert Pension Commission for U.S. Policymakers
  • Dana Muir (Michigan), Defaults—A Comparative Approach to Fiduciary Obligation and the Role of Markets
  • Jonathan Forman (Oklahoma), Optimal Distribution Rules for Defined Contribution Plans: What Can We Learn from the U.S., Australia, and Other Countries?
  • John Turner (Pension Policy Center) (moderator/commentator)

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