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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Judge Dismisses Placement Data Class Action Against New York Law School

NYLS LogoA New York trial judge today dismissed a proposed class action brought against New York Law School by nine alumni who claimed that the school misrepresented its placement data. Gomez-Jimenez v. New York Law School, No. 65226/11 (NY Sup. Ct. Mar. 21, 2012):

The court does not view these post-graduate employment statistics to be misleading in a material way for a reasonable consumer acting reasonably. By anyone’s definition, reasonable consumers — college graduates — seriously considering law schools are a sophisticated subset of education consumers, capable of sifting through data and weighing alternatives before making a decision regarding their post-college options, such as applying for professional school. ...

It is also difficult for the court to conceive that somehow lost on these plaintiffs is the fact that a goodly number of law school graduates toil…in drudgery or have less than hugely successful careers. NYLS applicants, as reasonable consumers of a legal education, would have to be wearing blinders not to be aware of these well-established facts of life in the world of legal employment.

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The plaintiffs' attorney's strategy of filing suit against schools regardless of the employment status of the named plaintiffs seems to have backfired. The lead plaintiff in the NYLS case has a "thriving legal practice.". The plaintiffs lawyers seemed to be focused on claiming as many named plaintiffs and defendant schools as possible -- without questioning whether these particular plaintiffs could make a plausible argument that they have anything to complain about.

Posted by: Daris | Mar 21, 2012 6:58:59 PM