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Friday, March 23, 2012

ABA Podcast: The Law School Bubble

ABAABA Podcast, Law Deans and a Law Professor Respond to the ‘Law School Bubble’:

The Law School Bubble cover story in [the January 2012 ABA Journl] showed how traditional U.S. legal education paradigms, driven by federal loan underwriting, are not responding to the market forces as law schools continue to add students and raise tuition rates in a mature legal services industry. Hear ABA Journal business of law reporter Rachel M. Zahorsky host follow-up discussions with law school deans and professors to explore the merits and critiques of federal loan programs, examine the root causes of the deep debt students face and propose potential solutions to combat future tuition hikes [podcast; transcript].

  • Craig M. Boise (Tax Prof & Dean, Cleveland State)
  • Paul E. McGreal (Dean, Dayton)
  • Brian Z. Tamanaha (Washington U.)

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