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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lawsky: Law Review Submission Tracker

Tax Prof Sarah Lawsky (UC-Irvine), Law Review Submission Tracker:

Click here to download a spreadsheet to help you track your law review submissions during the upcoming law review submission cycle, and thus to create an illusion of control over the process.

The spreadsheet has two worksheets. The main sheet, "S12," gives you information about journals and lets you enter your own information. The second sheet, "Data," automatically calculates, based on your entries on the main sheet, the number of journals that have made a decision about your piece (by response), and the number of journals from which there is not yet a final resolution. 

For the main journal of each school, the spreadsheet lists (1) the name of the school, (2) the date the journal starts accepting submissions (if I could find this information), (3) the most recent US news ranking, (4) the most recent Washington & Lee journal ranking (based on the number of citations to the journal), and (5) the preferred method of submission. (It's Expresso for almost all the journals, except that a few top journals strongly prefer that you submit through their website.) The spreadsheet also includes a handful of specialty journals.

There are blank cells for you to add information such as the date you submitted it, the date the journal acknowledged it received, the date you expedited and the method by which you expedited, and the date it was accepted, rejected, and so forth (If you enter the date in the regular format in those columns, the "Length" column will automatically calculate for you the length of time between when you submitted it and when you heard back from the journal.) There is also a "Notes" column where you can enter things like the ID number some journals assign to entries.

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