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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Leiter on the Turmoil at the University of Texas School of Law

Texas LogoFollowing up on my prior posts:

Brian Leiter (Chicago), Texas Turmoil, Redux:

I've been in touch with some of my former colleagues about recent events, and hope to have more soon.  I am hoping that the worst reports--about self-serving vendettas, a revolt by non-performers, and other petty ugliness--will turn out to be baseless.  There are clearly some reasonable objections to the Deanship just ended (lodged by former colleagues for whom I have the highest regard), but an awful lot of the turmoil does seem to be a case of some very bad behavior by some faculty whom no peer or better school would hire--the "slave revolt" in academic values, as it were (to bowlderize a line of Nietzsche's).

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