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Friday, October 28, 2011

NYU/UCLA Annual Tax Policy Conference: Tax Law and Health Care Reform

UCLAUCLA hosts the First Annual NYU/UCLA Tax Policy Conference: Tax Law and Health Care Reform today:

Panel #1:  Taxation and Health Care Reform: History, Politics, and Comparative Perspective

  • Ted Marmor (Yale) & Kieke Okma (NYU), Tax Expenditure in Health Care: Issues, Controversies, Expectations
  • Mark A. Peterson (UCLA), The Ideological and Partisan Polarization of Health Care Reform and Tax Policy
  • Panel Organizer: Eric Zolt (UCLA)
Panel #2:  In the Weeds: Using the Tax Code to Reform Health Care
  • David Gamage (UC-Berkeley), The Affordable Care Act’s Effective Taxes on Low- and Moderate-Income Workers
  • Amy Monahan (Minnesota),Why Tax High-Cost Employer Health Plans?
  • Larry Zelenak (Duke),Choosing Between Tax and Non-Tax Delivery Mechanisms
  • Panel Organizer: Deborah Schenk (NYU)
Panel #3:  Health Care Reform and the Future of U.S. Fiscal Federalism
  • Brian Galle (Boston College),The Implications of Health Care Reform for U.S. Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: A Preliminary Assessment
  • Shanna Rose (NYU),Health Reform as Policy Feedback: Medicaid’s Pivotal Role in the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan and the Affordable Care Act
  • Alan Weil (National Academy for State Health Policy), Why Don't States Love the Fiscal Terms of the Affordable Care Act?
  • Panel Organizer:  Kirk Stark (UCLA)
Panel #4:  Health Care Reform and the Long-Term Fiscal Outlook
  • Howard Gleckman (Tax Policy Center),Healthcare and Long-Term Fiscal Outlook
  • Daniel Kessler (Stanford), Reforming Medicare
  • Mark Pauly (Pennsylvania), The Real Burden of Tax Financed Medical Care in the United States
  • Panel Organizer: Daniel Shaviro (NYU)

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