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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zolt: Tax Reform -- Reduce the Corporate Income Tax Rate and More

Tax Analysts Eric M. Zolt (UCLA), Tax Reform: Reduce the Corporate Income Tax Rate and More, 132 Tax Notes 923 (Aug. 29, 2011):

A potential reduction in corporate income tax rates could be a catalyst for fundamental changes in the tax regime for business income and the relative contribution of tax revenue from different types of taxes.

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SC Johnson yet again seeks to defame me for exposing their Federal Income Tax Fraud. Why exactly is SC Johnson calling me into this story. As a Former Tax Manager for SC Johnson, I exposed the company committing nearly $7 million of federal income tax fraud. SC Johnson used alot of procedural moves to keep the facts of this case from being exposed in a court of law. As a result, SC Johnson obtain a local county judge that was either bought and paid for OR was utterly incompetent. I only ask, if SC Johnson did not commit tax fraud, then why did they pay $7 million dollars back to the Federal government only four days after they terminated me for disclosing the fraud to law enforcement. If I am just a disgruntled former employee, why did SC Johnson provide me with a termination letter that states I was terminated for disclosing truthful information to law enforcement regarding the tax fraud. SC Johnson hired expensive lawyers (including a former Bush Administration justice Department lawyer) to keep all the facts under seal and never exposed. I standby the truth. Anyone that wants to examine the facts is free to do so and reach an independent conclusion. Anyone that does an independent examination of all the factual details will see that SC Johnson did commit tax fraud and it certainly does not possess the family values it claims to. In fact, it lacks all the family values it claims, when in fact one of the owners of the company (Curt Johnson) is facing charges in that same county court for accused child molestation. The owner of the family company (Curt Johnson) is accused of being unable to keep his hands out of the pants of little girls. What kind of family company must commit fraud to avoid paying their fair share of taxes and then be accused of molestation of little girls.

If SC Johnson will sue a former employee over the truth, then let them see if they can buy off another judge in another state to sue David Cay Johnston. In the end, the truth is always exposed. SC Johnson should face up to what they are and stop attacking those the are merely disclosing the truth. In the end, when the facts are disclosed, I think we will all see that David Cay Johnston is correct and that the only one misleading anyone is the family company itself.

Posted by: Mike DeGuelle | Aug 31, 2011 10:51:23 AM

WOW! That is a pretty amazing story. I worked as in intern at a company where the CFO was my mentor and he ended up getting fired for whistle blowing to the IRS on Millions of dollars being sheltered from tax in a foreign account. This eventually let to my termination as well, due to guilt by association. I think the corporate policy is: Whether you are right or wrong, going against the company and stepping outside of the corporate chain of command means that you are not a team player. This will always lead to termination, unless management/executives are terminates or arrested first, then you are a hero, and will probably get promoted!

Posted by: JoeR | Sep 1, 2011 6:37:23 AM