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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 2004 Repatriation Tax Holiday Did Not Create U.S. Jobs

Tax Analysts M. Mendel Pinson (MBA 2011, Columbia) & Melanie Shanley (MBA 2011, Columbia), Effects of 2004 International Tax Holiday, Recommendations Going Forward, 132 Tax Notes 845 (Aug. 22, 2011):

The authors argue that the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 failed to create jobs in the United States. However, in this critical economic period, taking a longer term perspective on the treatment of foreign earnings could have a lasting effect and meet the goals of the Jobs Act.


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This is the "chicken and the egg" question.

Should the government focus the spending on job creation or cutting the expenses to shrink the deficit or national debts?

I think the problems are not come from the above. The problems lie in the complicated tax codes that allow the affordables to evade their fair share of paying the tax.

Posted by: State sales tax filing | Aug 31, 2011 4:41:41 PM

Paying tax is a responsibility that we must do. If we are not able to do this we must have the exemptions and deductions one is entitled to then tax the resulting income at the same rate across the board. The taxprof you have is enough for us to believe that the taxes comes in a good way. The government needs cooperation in this kind of issue.

Posted by: Timeshare | Sep 4, 2011 11:32:59 PM