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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Denver Is Third Law School to Offer Online Tax LL.M.

Denver Logo The University of Denver Sturm College of Law announced yesterday that it is now offering its Tax LL.M. program online, joining NYU and Alabama as the only three of the thirty graduate tax programs to offer fully online tax LL.M. degrees. (Thomas Jefferson offers an online international tax LL.M.) From the press release:

Online students use the same materials, watch the same lectures, and take the same rigorous examinations as students on campus. Classroom lectures are broadcast using a system that records classroom audio and video and the professor’s computer presentation and hand-written notations made during the class. Lectures may be watched live, or later, on demand. Online students complete periodic class quizzes to assess their understanding of the subject and encourage questions. Students have access to professors and fellow students via online discussion boards, email and telephone.

Tuition is $36,900 (compared to Alabama's $27,840 and NYU's $48,960). In the latest U.S. News ranking of 11 graduate tax programs, Denver is unranked (as is Alabama, while NYU is ranked #1).

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DU has a good tax program, at least equal to Miami. I graduated from both schools. They have an MT which runs concurrent with the LL.M and the MT students are hard core tax students. The Professors, Gelt and Robinson etc. stack up with any of the top professors in the U.S. Their tax team wins national competitions all the time. Unranked? (Now I know why I cancelled my U.S. News subscription.) I cancelled the WSJ long before others found out about Murdoch. In fact the NY Times and the internet supply enough good information.
If you like the west, you like the outdoors, you like to ski-DU is the place to be!. When I was in NYC, the outdoors of central park just didn't stack up. Bear mountain does not compare with Vail, and hiking up buildings does not compare with flagstaff mountain in Boulder.

Posted by: Nick | Aug 3, 2011 9:20:32 AM