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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'Gay Marriage Is Not Tax Policy. This Is Important Stuff.'

Buffalo News, Grisanti Taken to Task by GOP, Conservatives; Blasted on Vote to Legalize Gay Marriage:

Three days after his historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti defended his action on the home front Monday while absorbing a series of political body blows from furious Republican and Conservative leaders. ...

While Grisanti has drawn praise from gay rights advocates and others in his largely Democratic district, he began to feel the political ramifications Monday. [Erie County Republican Chairman Nicholas] Langworthy and Erie County Conservative Chairman Ralph Lorigo were especially critical of his reneging on a promise to vote against the measure while campaigning last year.

"He informed me by text while he was on the floor," Langworthy said of Grisanti's Friday vote. "I urged him to stick by his word he had given. The people elected him on what he ran on. This is not tax policy or something. This is important stuff."

(Hat Tip: Angry Bear.)

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I think if the Republicans who voted for the bill defended it on principle they would be OK. What hurts is the obvious fact that several of them were effectively bribed or blackmailed into voting for it. One can say, this is a good cause and anything is justified, but this kind of thing tends to come back and haunt you.

Posted by: Michael A. Livingston | Jun 29, 2011 2:29:24 PM

This is a moral and legal issue. The legal issue is that gays should have the right to enter into a "civil union" with all of the rights and privileges of those who enter into "marriage."

The moral issue is that bias against any group of people is immoral. Marriage, however, while a "civil union," is also a union created by God and should be reserved to a union between a man and a woman. I know many will object to this, however, facts are facts even in the face of disbelief.

Posted by: Shotgun | Jun 30, 2011 9:01:51 AM