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Monday, June 6, 2011

Activists to Protest Bono's 'Tax Hypocrisy'

Bono Daily Mail, 'Saint Bono' the Anti-Poverty Campaigner Facing Huge Glastonbury Protest – For Avoiding Tax:

He is the rock legend dubbed 'Saint Bono' for his long-running campaign against global poverty.

But when Bono's band U2 perform at Glastonbury later this month, protesters are planning to accuse them of avoiding taxes which could have helped exactly the sort of people the singer cares about so dearly.

Members of activist group Art Uncut will hoist a massive inflatable sign with the message 'Bono Pay Up' spelt out in lights during the Irish band's headline performance.

They will also parade bundles of oversized fake cash in front of the singer.

The protest has been provoked by U2's decision to move their multi-million-pound music and publishing business away from Ireland – thus allegedly avoiding taxes on record sales.

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Eh every business does stuff like that to cut back on what they can on taxes, even certain individuals have tax shields. If those protesters aren't guilty of availing the tax cuts of dependents and such then by all means they can protest Bono.

Posted by: Tax Accountant NJ | Jun 6, 2011 12:27:58 PM

So they are protesting his desire to choose what charities to give his money to as opposed to giving his money to someone else who will take their cut and then parcel out his money based on yet more people's political decisions?

Posted by: bonzo | Jun 6, 2011 11:12:02 PM