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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Case Western Ends Merit Scholarships Tied to GPAs

Case Western logo The Volokh Conspiracy, An End to Minimum GPAs for Merit Scholarships?, by Jonathan Adler (Case Western):

The recent NYT story on law schools’ use of grade-contingent, merit-based scholarships to recruit 1Ls has prompted substantial discussion in the blawgosphere (including here and here).   At some schools, a substantial proportion (if not a majority) of the incoming 1L class may receive merit scholarships that are contingent upon the maintenance of an above-average GPA.  Given mandatory law school curves, this virtually ensures that a significant number of students will lose their scholarships after the first year.  Is this sort of policy fair? Are incoming students aware of the conditions placed on their scholarships?  Law School Transparency has also called for greater disclosure of law school scholarship policies, a proposal endorsed by U.S. News Robert Morse.

Is change afoot?  Will law schools become more transparent, or alter their scholarship policies?  CWRU School of Law’s incoming dean, Lawrence Mitchell, announced last week that he will suspend the law school’s policy requiring scholarship recipients to maintain GPAs above those required to remain in good academic standing for currently enrolled and incoming students.

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