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Friday, April 15, 2011

Washburn Hosts Tax Law Colloquium Today

Washburn Logo Washburn hosts its annual Tax Law Colloquium today:

Each year the Business and Transactional Law Center at Washburn University School of Law hosts a tax law colloquium. The colloquium provides the opportunity for tax scholars from around the country to meet and discuss scholarly projects on which they are working. In an informal setting the participants share ideas, provide feedback regarding scholarly works-in-progress, and enjoy the company of other tax scholars.

Photograph: Lori McMillan. Photograph: Johnny Buckles. Photograph: Tamara Larre. Photograph: Michael Hatfield.
Photograph: Raquel Alexander. Photograph: Janie Whiteaker Poe. Photograph: Leandra Lederman. Photograph: Will Foster.

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