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Saturday, March 26, 2011

GOP Files FOIA Request to Get Wisconsin Prof's Email

The Wisconsin GOP has filed a FOIA request seeking private e-mails sent by University of Wisconsin history professor William Cronon, a vocal critic of Governor Scott Walker who recently published a New York Times op-ed comparing Gov. Walker to Sen. Joe McCarthy:

(Hat Tip: David Herzig.)

Update: Law Librarian Blog, Just Say "No" to the Republican Party of Wisconsin: Academic Freedom in the Public Sector vs. State FOIA Request for Prof's Emails

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I don't know about this request, but Cronon's argument--that the Republicans are outside Wisconsin's bipartisan, "progressive" tradition--is far from convincing. Essentially the Democrats lost a political fight to protect a favored constituency and are now trying to get the courts to reverse the result on technical grounds. What exactly is "progressive" about that?

Posted by: mike livingston | Mar 26, 2011 6:06:39 AM

Let us review ....
Supporters of Democrats making death threats against Republican legislators? Snooze.

Democratic protesters chasing down and cornering a Republican state Senator outside the State House? Snooze.

A Democratic blogger engaging in possible identity theft in order to embarrass the Governor? Snooze.

Democratic Senators fleeing to another state to prevent the duly elected Senate from voting, thereby nullifying the vote of the People? Snooze.

Democratic supporting police union members promising to take sides against lawful government instructions? Snooze.

Democratic supporting police and other union chiefs sending shakedown letters to businesses demanding they come out against the Governor and legislature? Snooze.

Democratic supporters engaging in repeated acts of physical intimidation, including physically disrupting Republican recall efforts against Democrats? Snooze.

Democrats widely comparing the elected representatives and Governor to Hitler and Mubarak? Snooze.

Republicans lawfully using the state Open Records Law to obtain e-mails of a Democratic supporter who may have used the state e-mail system in connection with actions supporting Democrats in violation of state policy? OUTRAGE, HAVE YOU NO DECENCY SIR

Posted by: bonzo | Mar 27, 2011 2:16:54 AM