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Monday, February 28, 2011

IFA International Tax Colloquium and Tax Writing Competition

IFA Logo The inaugural International Tax Colloquium of the U.S. branch of the International Fiscal Association took place last Friday at the 2011 Annual Conference in Atlanta.  The chair of the sessions was Brigitte W. Muehlmann (Suffolk), and here were the presenters and their papers:

In addition, Kevin L. Preslan (J.D. 2011, Cleveland State) won the 2010 IFA USA Branch Writing Prize for his paper, Turnabout is Fair Play: The U.S. Response to Mexico’s Request for Bank Account Information:

The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of a dispute related to a 2009 request by the Mexico Ministry of Finance for information concerning interest paid by U.S. banks to residents of Mexico, discussed alternatives, and proposes a compromise that is similar to the one recently agreed between the U.S. and Switzerland.

Mr. Preslan’s faculty sponsor was Deborah A. Geier.

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