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Friday, January 28, 2011

Journal of Universal Rejection

Journal A journal to consider for your next article: the Journal of Universal Rejection:

About the Journal:  The founding principle of the Journal of Universal Rejection (JofUR) is rejection. Universal rejection. That is to say, all submissions, regardless of quality, will be rejected. Despite that apparent drawback, here are a number of reasons you may choose to submit to the JofUR:

  • You can send your manuscript here without suffering waves of anxiety regarding the eventual fate of your submission. You know with 100% certainty that it will not be accepted for publication. ...
  • You may claim to have submitted to the most prestigious journal (judged by acceptance rate). ... 
  • Decisions are often (though not always) rendered within hours of submission.

Instructions for Authors:  The JofUR solicits any and all types of manuscript: poetry, prose, visual art, and research articles. You name it, we take it, and reject it. Your manuscript may be formatted however you wish. Frankly, we don't care.

After submitting your work, the decision process varies. Often the Editor-in-Chief will reject your work out-of-hand, without even reading it! However, he might read it. Probably he'll skim. At other times your manuscript may be sent to anonymous referees. Unless they are the Editor-in-Chief's wife or graduate school buddies, it is unlikely that the referees will even understand what is going on. Rejection will follow as swiftly as a bird dropping from a great height after being struck by a stone. At other times, rejection may languish like your email buried in the Editor-in-Chief's inbox. But it will come, swift or slow, as surely as death. Rejection.

Submissions should be emailed to Small files only, please. Why not just send the first couple pages if it is long?

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Will my check to subscribe be rejected?

Posted by: Shag from Brookline | Jan 28, 2011 3:26:05 AM

This is a great idea, and should significantly streamline the processing academic publishing.

In keeping with the spirit of America, which says improvement is alwasys possible I am proposing a companion Journal, the Journal of Universal Acceptance. This Journal will operate as follows.

1. All articles submitted for consideration will be accepted for publication.

2. Within two weeks of submission, the author(s) will receive a signed letter on Journal stationary advising them of acceptance.

3. The letter will compliment the author(s) on the quality of the article and offer profuse thanks for submitting it to the Journal.

4. Author(s) will be immediately allowed to add the article to the section "Articles Accepted for Publication" to their resumes.

5. Due to space considerations, no articles will ever be published by the Journal.

Potential authors are urged to act quickly, as a large backlog is expected.

Posted by: Sid | Jan 28, 2011 6:41:53 AM

Not quite the same thing, but this reminds me of the very funny video "Scientific Peer Review, ca. 1945" It's one of those takeoffs on the scene from "Downfall" (language warning)

Posted by: MochaLite | Jan 30, 2011 5:02:36 PM