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Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Get Your Dean to Buy You an iPad

Ipad Forbes, A Financial Advice Wonk Falls for the iPad: No Reading Glasses Needed and Three Downloadable Versions of the U.S. Tax Code. That's True Love, by Deborah L. Jacobs:

I had very different ideas about how to fill up my iPad's 64 gigabytes of memory. I envisioned it not as a plaything, but as a portable workhorse. Having never owned a smartphone, I figured the iPad would answer a pressing need to retrieve e-mail on the go and might be a capable reading device. And near term I saw enormous potential for the 1.6-pound iPad to lighten my load on a vacation to Tibet this summer.

The icing on the cake was that the entire Internal Revenue Code was available in a choice of three different iPad apps, one of which cost just 99 cents. Yes, I'm serious. As a financial writer, I need the IRC (as tax geeks call it) for my work. In book form it's heavy and expensive and the free online versions are cumbersome to use. So once Congress passes various tax bills now pending, I'll put the IRC app on my buy list. Because, to put it in teenspeak, "That app is mad cool."

When I mentioned these plans to my editor, she said she'd be intrigued by a column about "how middle-aged boring people (no offense) actually use iPad."

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What a timely post! I just bought an ipad to use in a similar way as I begin my PhD studies later this year. I wonder just how common this is ...

Posted by: M. E. Persson | Jun 24, 2010 4:19:20 PM