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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alternative Careers for Law Grads

New York Law Journal, Alternative Career Paths for Those With a J.D.., by Katherine Frink-Hamlett:

Faced with a tepid legal marketplace, law students and recent graduates (whether deferred, downsized or simply dismayed) need to rethink their career strategies to adapt to this brave new world. With significantly fewer entry-level associate positions available, now is the time to consider alternative opportunities that may not have initially appeared on your radar screen. ...

[T]here are several careers available to lawyers, including recent law school grads, that go beyond the so-called traditional practice of law. Here, three specific areas will be considered: procurement, compliance and legal administrative opportunities. ...

In addition to procurement, compliance and legal administrative opportunities, there are a host of careers that recent graduates can consider, ranging from contract administration to legal publishing. Even in this challenging market, a law degree can provide meaningful career opportunities for law students and recent grads. Stay flexible in your approach, be willing to look beyond the obvious, and just hang in there. There's a place for you; it's just a matter of time.

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