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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ms. JD 2L Fellowship Program

Ms. J.D. Ms. JD:

Ms. JD is pleased to announce the Ms. JD Fellowship program, which will select 20 of the most promising second-year law students in the country and provide them with one-on-one career mentorship from an accomplished female attorney.

Who Are The Mentors?

Fellowship mentors will be assigned to the Fellows from among the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession's alumnae of commissioners and Margaret Brent Award Winners. The list includes U.S. Circuit Court judges and state Supreme Court justices, general counsels from the Fortune 500, managing partners from the nation's largest law firms, and leading professors and practitioners from around the country. 

Mentoring pairs will be made based on geographic location and shared professional interests. We aim to identify the most promising students in a variety of fields and practice areas and pair them with the most successful woman in that field. 

The application deadline is April 1, 2010.  (Hat Tip: Feminist Law Professors.)

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If you would like to nominate a 2L to be considered for Ms. JD's 2010 Fellowship, email her name, email address....

I thought so. No males need apply.

I want a Good Ol' Boys fellowship program. Any problems with one of those?

Posted by: Woody | Feb 16, 2010 2:42:33 PM

What an unjust society we have become...A bunch of coward attorneys that cannot even recognize blatant discrimination at their doorstep, aka "Males Need Not Apply." At one time, lawyers stood up for injustice and discrimination - both male and female attorneys. Now, selective and institutionalized discrimination is permitted mainstream, because it is "politically correct," otherwise known as, "that speech which you shall not say and those actions which you shall not do." With all the creative thought percolating among attorneys, it is funny how we let the little items of oppression such as this slip by, implicitly accepting such. Someday, there just may come a time, when those "males" are needed, beyond their physicality, and when that event occurs, my recommendation is they put a sign upon their neck stating, "Males Need Not Apply." For young lawyers and law students, particularly the males, you may want to ask yourself, “exactly how is this respectable in my profession.”

Posted by: HJU | Feb 17, 2010 9:05:59 AM