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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cincinnati: Becoming America's Premier Small, Urban, Public Law School

Strategicplanupdate I have noted before what an exciting time this is at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, as we all work together to implement an ambitious strategic plan adopted by the faculty in 2006 to become the nation's premier small, urban, public law school:
  • A premier law school that is unstinting in its commitment to excellence in teaching, the scholarship of its faculty, its academic and professional life, its formation of strong and ethical leaders, and its engagement in the world.
  • A small law school that provides a close-knit and intimate educational environment, while drawing on the resources of a major research university to offer a rich curriculum and an array of opportunities usually found only at much larger institutions. A supportive and collaborative community that is marked by an outstanding student-faculty ratio, strong and enduring relationships between faculty and students, personalized attention and mentoring, limited-enrollment classes, and diverse opportunities for each and every student.
  • An urban law school that draws great strength from its vigorous engagement with a classic American city rich with opportunities and challenges, benefiting from partnerships and exchanges with vibrant legal, corporate, and civic communities as well as from its position within a leading urban research institution.
  • A public law school that holds true to its commitments and traditions, dedicated to diversity, opportunity, advancement, and civic responsibility. A law school that is faithful to the role that lawyers, the legal profession, and higher education have in providing civic leadership, and which is determined to bring the very best to and draw the very best from its community.

Our Dean has just published a progress report detailing the great strides we have made over the past three years toward this goal, as well as the work that remains to be done. Perhaps most exciting is the proposed new $70 million home for the law school, to be funded by the university and through our participation in the $1 billion Proudly Cincinnati campaign.  Although many law schools, especially public law schools, are retrenching in the face of challenging economic times, we are thrilled that the University is providing the resources to hire additional faculty and staff to equip us to accomplish our big dreams.  I hope those of you at the AALS Meat Market will check us out and consider joining us on this exciting journey.

The stars are aligning in a number of other ways to make this a particularly exhilarating time in Cincinnati -- including a great new university president (a former law school dean), Top 5 college football team, and first place NFL team.  And my local church just added a fifth weekend service at its 3,500-seat auditorium as well as its first branch campus.  Heck, even the weather is looking up!

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Wait! You've forgotten Rutgers-Camden! We have everything you have plus two hockey teams within a two hour drive!

Posted by: mike livingston | Oct 27, 2009 3:14:01 AM