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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NY Times Profile of Constantine Katsoris

New York Times:  A Legal Mind, With No Quit in It, by Tina Kelley:

Constantine Katsoris, 76, has been a Fordham University law professor for 45 years ...

Most yellowed cartoon on door: Two guys at a bar: “I’m not going to report my winnings to the I.R.S. Or the M.R.S. either.” ...

On tax law and adrenaline: If you’re teaching tax, you’ve got a crazy Congress to keep an eye on, and you can quote that. It takes me, after all these years, 30 hours a week to prep, to bring the course up to date. I have to see what Congress has done, did they attach a tax bill in a farm bill or a trade bill. It’s like learning a play every week.

(Hat Tip: Josh Blank.)

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