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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Law School Seeks to Sell Naming Rights to Everything (Except the Bathrooms)

Following up on my previous posts:

St. Thomas (Miami) is seeking to sell naming rights to the school for $10 million, and in the meantime has sold the naming rights to various pieces for $600,000, including:

  • Center for Student Affairs ($100,000)
  • Breezeway ($50,000)
  • Conference Room ($25,000)
  • Law Library ($25,000)
  • Main Entrance ($25,000)
  • Moot Court Atrium ($10,000) 

The school reports that it is seeking to sell the naming rights to classrooms and faculty suites, but not the bathrooms.

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My alma mater, Brooklyn Law School, has a cafe named "Geraldo's Cafe" because a guy from my class (1969) who used to be known as Gerry Rivera and is now known as Geraldo Rivera made a huge contribution. This is not unusual. Schools have been doing this for years.

My father and his brother was a graduate of Brooklyn College of Pharmacy/Long Island University class of 1934 and 1927 respectively. Arnold and Marie Schwartz came along, contributed a ton of money and now Brooklyn College of Pharmacy doesn't exist. It is the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy/Long Island University.

Schools need to raise money and I see no reason why wealthy alums shouldn't be encouraged to contribute and have their name memorialized. Although I really do wish LIU had kept the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy name and found another way to honor the Schwartz family.

Posted by: Joyce Krutick Craig | Dec 26, 2008 12:15:16 PM