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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tax Prof Ted Seto to Join Boycott of AALS Annual Meeting

I previously blogged (here and here) the threatened boycott of next January's AALS annual meeting in San Diego because of the hotel owner's $125,000 contribution in support of a ballot initiative to ban gay marriage in California.  Tax Prof Ted Seto (Loyola-L.A.) explains Why I Will Honor the AALS Boycott:

I plan to honor the boycott. I have too many friends to whom this issue means too much for me not to do so. My parents' marriage was illegal in about half the United States for much of my childhood. Were Loving v. Virginia to be overturned, my own marriage would be illegal in some states even today. I therefore take the initiative personally.

For me, however, the issue is not ultimately political. It is rather whether, when our friends and colleagues ask for help, we help. They’ve asked.

For another Tax Prof's perspective, see Tony Infanti (Pittsburgh) on Feminist Law Professors: Boycotting AALS.  See also Mike Dorf (Cornell) on Dorf on Law:  AALS Boycott -- The Vegan Perspective.

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