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Saturday, August 2, 2008

SOI Releases 2006 State-by-State Income Data

The IRS's Statistics of Income Division has released First-Time Release of Tax Year 2006 Individual Income Tax Return Statistics by Cumulative Percentiles Based on Income Size and State:

The first annual IRS release of tax year 2006 individual income tax return statistics by selected descending cumulative percentiles classified by state is now available. This table shows statistics on income and tax by cumulative percentiles based on numbers of returns filed for each state and the District of Columbia. The information includes distributions of AGI and total income tax by descending cumulative percentiles of returns for the top 1%, 5%, 10%, 25%, and 50% of returns with positive amounts of AGI. The table was compiled from the master file of tax year 2006 income tax returns that were filed and processed by the IRS during calendar year 2007. Returns for prior years processed during calendar year 2007 were not included in this tabulation. Tax year 2006 is the only year that percentile data by state are available. Similar data for tax year 2007 are planned for release in the spring 2009.

The average U.S. AGI of taxpayers in the Top 1% is $392,645   Here are the states with the highest AGI of taxpayers in the Top 1%:

  1. Connecticut ($671,706)
  2. Washington, D.C. ($637,407)
  3. New Jersey ($528,387)
  4. New York ($517,780)
  5. Massachusetts ($501,449)
  6. California ($469,003)
  7. Florida ($454,554)
  8. Nevada ($435,517)
  9. Illinois ($427,938)
  10. Wyoming ($421,764)

Here are the states with the lowest AGI of taxpayers in the Top 1%:

  1. West Virginia ($225,697)
  2. Mississippi ($249,052)
  3. Arkansas ($267,469)
  4. North Dakota ($268,564)
  5. Kentucky ($271,174)
  6. Iowa ($273,750)
  7. Indiana ($278,841)
  8. New Mexico ($281,212)
  9. Maine ($284,606)
  10. Ohio ($286,193)

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