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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super-Rich Tax Cheats

See here.

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We should obviously have a coherent set of rules as to what money falls under the taxing jurisdiction of the United States, and we should work with other countries to keep our jurisdiction and theirs mutually exclusive but comprehensive. After that, if another country chooses to assess tax at a rate of 0, that's within its rights. I don't know what the off-handed reference at the end to "loophole" refers to, but I can't help but expect it's an attempt to grab money that belongs outside of U.S. jurisdiction.

Most of the last few minutes of the video didn't seem to be dealing with that, though; it seemed to be dealing with people who were actually violating current tax laws. This is a separate issue from people who are complying with tax laws that are either poorly written or simply aren't arrogant enough to run roughshod over the sovereignty of foreign nations.

Posted by: dWj | Jul 31, 2008 12:38:05 PM