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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NYU & Alabama to Offer Online Tax LL.M. Beginning Fall 2008

NYU has announced that it will start an online tax LL.M. program beginning in Fall 2008. From the National Law Journal:

NYU is making its LL.M. tax degree available online starting in the fall. The law school is touting the Online Executive LL.M. program as virtually identical to its current part-time graduate tax program. The main difference is that students will view lectures through course Web sites. The law school expects to enroll about 25 students from around the world in the online program for its LL.M. degree, considered a premier tax credential for lawyers and scholars.

Both the online program and the school's regular LL.M. program require students to complete 24 credits. For online students, they generally must complete two of those credits at the NYU campus in New York and can take all others electronically.

[NYU] not need to obtain ABA approval for the new LL.M. program ... because it is part of the graduate tax law program and because its requirements are basically the same as the part-time program. Tuition for the online program is $1,731 per credit hour, the same charge for the part-time program.  [The full cost of the tax LL.M. is thus $41,544.]

The National Law Journal story fails to mention that Alabama also has launched an online tax LL.M. program beginning in Fall 2008.  Tuition is approximately $25,000, over $16,000 less than NYU's. 

For more information on the NYU and Alabama online graduate tax programs, see:

Update:  NYU issued this press release today.

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