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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Law Prof Salaries at William & Mary

I previously blogged the Top 10 Law Prof salaries at the University of California (Berkeley, Davis UCLA), Michigan, and VirginiaDan Filler has unearthed faculty and administrator salary data at William & Mary.  Here are the Top 10 Law Prof salaries at William & Mary:

  1. William Van Alstyne  $223,700
  2. Neal Devins $199,000
  3. Glenn Coven $196,450
  4. Peter Alces $189,200
  5. Charles Koch $178,500
  6. Jayne Barnard $176,000
  7. James Moliterno  $176,000
  8. Frederic Lederer $175,400
  9. Davison Douglas $174,000
  10. Linda Malone $172,500

These salaries are for nine months and do not include summer stipends.  Former William & Mary President Gene Nichol's salary was $339,172.  Law School Dean W. Taylor Reveley's salary is $319,300.  For further coverage, see How Many Law Professors Make $330k? (2/12/07).

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Just for fun, can you now post the corresponding data for legal writing and research professors?

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 15, 2008 7:18:24 AM