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Thursday, November 29, 2007

AEI Conference on Reforming the Politically Correct University

Interesting article in the New York Sun: Universities' Growing Liberal Bias Is Documented, by Annie Karni:

Conservative professors must publish more than their liberal peers to be competitive for the same university jobs and promotions, according to new reports. At a conference sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute today in Washington, D.C. [Reforming the Politically Correct University] researchers from across the country will present 18 papers that they say document the growing liberal bias in academia.

"Universities are tilting to the left, and it starts at the student level and goes all the way through to the hiring level and even to the promotion level," the vice president and director of the National Research Initiative at AEI, Henry Olsen, said. "This is a real problem, not anecdote masquerading as fact.

In departments such as sociology and anthropology, "progressive" and "liberal" professors outnumber "conservative" and "libertarian" faculty members by a margin of at least 20 to 1, according to a new study by a husband and wife research team from George Mason University and the Swedish Institute for Social Research. The findings are based on dozens of national surveys about faculty voter behavior, policy views, and voter registration.

Some professors said a liberal bias is damaging the intellectual vitality of campus life, and they discourage conservative students from pursuing doctorate degrees in the humanities. "If my students show conservative bias, I steer them away from the academy," a professor of English at the University of Virginia, Paul Cantor, said. "They have no future — they will not get jobs. If they want to teach traditional works in a traditional matter, they have no future in an English department today."

(Hat Tip:  Adjunct Law Prof Blog.)  For additional coverage, see Inside Higher Ed: Professors and Politics (Again). For material from the conference, including summaries of the papers, the papers, the program, and speaker biographies, see here.

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Yes, liberal bias in universities proven, just like the liberal bias in our vestigial media has been 'proven.'

Posted by: bubba | Nov 29, 2007 9:19:45 AM