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Friday, October 19, 2007

Former Law Profs Sue Ave Maria, Dean, and Founder

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As a graduate of Ave Maria, I continue to believe in the foundation Ave Maria School of Law was originally founded on of faith and reason, a dedication to seeking the truth, and a commitment to protecting the dignity of the human person. These professors continue to demonstrate their dedication to the law school's mission in their efforts to seek the truth and seek an end to the personal injustices that they believe were waged against them that hurt them not just individually but have damaged the good reputation and livelihood of Ave Maria School of Law. It is sad it has come to this and definitely something no one, including these professors, wanted to see happen, but there comes a time when all other options have been exhausted to change things that the only way to repair damaged relationships is to seek justice and resolution by means of the legal system. It amazes me that many people in society today continue to blindly follow authority without questioning the validity of actions, particularly those that are detrimental to the dignity of the human person. A failure to properly respect the human dignity of these professors as members of the Ave Maria School of Law community is simply unacceptable in light of the law school's mission.

Posted by: Laura C. Hoffman | Oct 19, 2007 12:59:20 PM