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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forum on The Law Review Article Selection Process

Empirical Legal Studies hosts a wonderful forum on the new paper, The Law Review Article Selection Process: Results from a National Study, which I blogged in May.  The authors are Jason Nance and Dylan Steinberg, 2006 graduates of Penn Law School where they served as articles editors on the law review. From the Introduction by ELS's Bill Henderson (Indiana):

Over the next couple of weeks, the law journal submission season will enter full swing. Because there are only a limited number of publication slots at elite law journals—and there is a perception, if not a reality, that a strong placement affects pay, promotion, and lateral offers—this positional competition creates severe angst among law professors that often ends in disappointment. To help elucidate the inner-workings of this process, the ELS Blog will be hosting a forum [on the Nance & Steinberg paper]:

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