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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tax Prof at 50

AarpI was hoping to fly under the radar with this, but I have been outed by some of my blogosphere friends (Adjunct Law Prof Blog, Administrative Law Prof Blog, Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog, Brian Leiter's Law School Reports, Food Law Prof Blog, Health Law Prof Blog, ImmigrationProf Blog, Jack Bog's Blog, Legal Profession Blog, M&A Law Prof Blog, MoneyLaw, Poverty Law Prof Blog, PrawfsBlawg, Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, Roth & Co., Securities Law Prof Blog, TortsProf Blog, White Collar Crime Prof Blog, Workplace Prof Blog):

Today I joined Dan Shaviro in the 50-year old club.  Like Dan, "I weigh the same and am in better aerobic shape than when I was a college or law student" -- indeed, I bragged to my wife last night that I am one of the few men who can still fit into his wedding suit, but she reminded me that I am one of the even fewer men that still wears a 22-year old suit!

Today culminates a year of transition for me, as I said farewell to my father and family dog, passed through bittersweet milestones (here and here) with my son (here and here) and daughter (here and here), survived a medical rite of passage for folks my age, and re-committed to Cincinnati with a great new job.  As I look out on the other side of 50, It is hard to believe that it was only three years ago that I was a finalist for the coveted "Law Prof Hunk" Award (here and here)!

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huzzah! Here's to another 50!

Posted by: Gene Koo | Jul 27, 2007 1:05:58 PM

Paul you are a legend in your own time. And, of course, you rock (academically speaking). Here's to another 50 years of TaxProf blogging!$%#@*&^?@#

Posted by: Francine Lipman | Jul 27, 2007 1:20:49 PM

We toasted you over at Antitrust and Competition Policy blog. However, it seems more appropriate at the Tax Prof Blog to welcome you to the world of being a potential "alte kaker."

Posted by: D. Daniel Sokol | Jul 28, 2007 5:24:01 AM

Happy (belated) Birthday, Prof. Caron! Your Tax Law class was one of the highlights of law school for me. And congrats on the Law Professor Blogs network. I often refer students to them for current awareness.

Posted by: Sarah Glassmeyer | Jul 30, 2007 1:27:43 PM