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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tax Prof Hair

Here is one issue I have not thought about in preparing to teach my class: how to wear my hair:

In my first three years, I never ever ever wore my hair down when I taught. Instead, I generally wore it pulled back in a low, neat ponytail. I associated wearing my hair pulled back with being older, more authoritative, and less sexy, and wearing my hair down with being younger, more carefree, and more "girly." As a young female prawf, I wanted my students, male and female alike, to view me as a professor and not a "girl their age." I never thought twice about my conclusion until Christine Hurt asked me incredulously if I "thought I looked more grown-up in a ponytail?"

Many cultures have norms concerning how women should wear their hair depending on age and marital status, so I don't think I'm completely crazy to ponder the hair up/hair down decision. On the other hand, I decided to test Christine's theory and start wearing my hair down occasionally to class. So far, my students still seem to respect me.

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