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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rebranding the IRS to "Resonate with a Younger, More Trendy Audience"

Stoute_2Business Week has an interesting profile (A McKinsey of Pop Culture?) of Steve Stoute, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging:

More executives overseeing brands that have gone stale are turning to the 36-year-old consultant and former music executive for help. Stoute's agency ... offers to imbue brands with a combination of hip-hop ethos and practicality to help reposition products, from Chevy Impalas to Crest Whitestrips to Reese's peanut butter cups. The end result is for brands to resonate with a younger, more trendy audience.

From the bio box:

A Brand He Would Like to Make Over:  The Internal Revenue Service.  "The IRS should no longer hide behind the stick and allow fear to dominate its image. There is an opportunity to illustrate to Americans that the IRS is of value to them in ways both societal and personal."

(Hat Tip:  Marie Siesseger.)

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