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Friday, March 23, 2007

Ranking of Law Reviews by Judicial Citations to Student Notes

SsrnFollowing up on my recent posts on the declining influence of law reviews on courts (here and here): Blake K. Rohrbacher (Richards, Layton & Finger, Wilmington, DE) has posted an interesting paper on SSRN:  Twenty-Five Years of Student Scholarship in Judicial Opinions.  Here is the abstract:

This paper examines patterns in judicial citation of student notes. The paper discusses a data set of opinions citing notes written in the last twenty-five years (roughly 4000 unique note citations), from all levels of U.S. courts, including data on the location, level, and nature (state or federal) of each court citing each note, as well as the years in which each note was cited. These data allow detailed analysis of citation patterns and provide a way to measure, albeit indirectly, the influence of student scholarship on judicial common-lawmaking. The paper first presents data regarding the most-cited individual notes. Then, the paper examines the journals that garnered the most citations to notes published in those journals. Finally, the paper discusses various citation patterns, including a breakdown of court characteristics and their relationship to note citations, the trend of decreasing note citations over time, and the effect of recency of publication on note citation. Finally, the paper presents data on the states and courts that most cite student notes.

Here are the twenty law reviews whose student notes are cited most often by courts:

  1. Harvard Law Review
  2. Yale Law Journal
  3. Columbia Law Review
  4. Fordham Law Review
  5. Cornell Law Review
  6. NYU Law Review
  7. Duke Law Journal
  8. Virginia Law Review
  9. Stanford Law Review
  10. Michigan Law Review
  11. Georgetown Law Journal
  12. Texas Law Review
  13. William Mitchell Law Review
  14. Iowa Law Review
  15. Washington & Lee Law Review
  16. Washburn Law Journal
  17. St. John's Law Review
  18. University of Chicago Law Review
  19. Hofstra Law Review
  20. Notre Dame Law Review

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