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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Koo on Legal Education and the Promise of Technology

Berkman_logo_2 Gen Koo (Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School) of our Law School Innovation Blog has published his white paper, New Skills, New Learning: Legal Education and the Promise of Technology.  Here is part of the Conclusion:

Law firms, continuing legal education providers, technology providers, and law schools all have a role to play in ensuring that attorneys are prepared for a technologically-mediated world. To meet this challenge, these organizations must understand what to teach and how to teach it. In many ways the opportunity demands an entrepreneurial approach: relentless experimentation to sharpen both practice and the pedagogy of practice. It also requires institutional awareness: understanding not just the divide between academy and practice and the divergent challenges facing global mega-firms versus local community lawyers, but also how to bridge those differences when necessary.

Law plays a foundational role in American society, and increasingly in articulating our global community. To teach the knowledge, skills, and values of legal practice is fundamentally to transmit the essence of justice to a new generation. We hope that this study will spark a new conversation about how every person responsible for educating attorneys – whether a professor at a national law school or a mentor at a local partnership – can meet that duty in an ever-changing world. We look forward to continuing the dialogue.

To correct, update, or extend the paper, you can contrbute to the wike version here.

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