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Friday, February 9, 2007

Washburn Hosts Tax Policy Colloquium Today

Washburn_3 Washburn University School of Law hosts a Tax Law Colloquium today.  Here are the presenters and their topics: 

  • Kristin E. Hickman (Minnesota), Responding to Treasury's (Lack of) Adherence to APA Rulemaking Requirements: Remedies, Standing, Sovereign Immunity, and Pre-Enforcement Judicial Review
  • Erik Jensen (Case), Taxation and Doing Business in Indian Country
  • Brant Hellwig (South Carolina), The Section 1031 Qualified Use Requirement
  • Steven Dean (Brooklyn), Tax Shelters and the Code: Navigating Between Text and Intent (with Larry Solan)
  • Stephen Mazza (Kansas), Tax Practitioners and Tax Compliance
  • Brad Borden (Washburn), The Section 761 Election and Qualified Partnerships

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