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Friday, February 9, 2007

The IRS Office of Chief Counsel -- A Great Place to Start Your Tax Career

Irs_logo_356I previously blogged the Wall Street Journal's front page story on the efforts by Donald Korb, Chief Counsel of the IRS, to recuit law students to begin their tax careers at the IRS.  The Chief Counsel has supplied me with a variety of resources to help get the word out about the wonderful opportunity the Chief Counsel's Office provides to launch a tax career:

In addition, I have posted on YouTube (in two parts) the Chief Counsel's excellent recruitment video:

I was planning on blogging this next week, but I was outed by Robert Ambrogi who blogged about the recruitment videos today, and noted:

It is unclear whether the IRS posted these videos directly or whether an intermediary put them up. If the IRS was the source, kudos to it for bringing government recruiting a step forward.

I was delighted to serve as the intermediary and applaud the Chief Counsel's efforts at casting a wide recruitment net.

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