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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Law Prof Salaries at Michigan

Michigan_3Following up on Monday's posts (here and here) on how law faculty salaries stack up to federal judicial salaries:  here is a link to the updated 2006-07 Michigan salaries (2005-06 data blogged here).  Here are the Top 10 Michigan law faculty salaries (9-month):

  • 1.  Alfred W.B. Simpson:  $239,500
  • 2.  Douglas Laycock:  $235,000
  • 3.  William Miller: $230,000
  • 4.  Catherine McKinnon:  $228,500
  • 5.  James B. White:  $228,000
  • 6.  Donald Herzog:  $225,000
  • 7.  James Krier:  $223,000
  • 8.  James Hines $221,000
  • 9.  Richard Lempert:  $220,000
  • 10.  Edward Cooper:  $216,000
  • 10.  Douglas Kahn:  $216,000
  • 10.  Thomas Kauper:  $216,000
  • 10.  Joseph Vining:  $216,000
  • 10.  James J. White:  $216,000

These salaries do not include summer stipends, which, according to the Volcker Commission report, may range from $35,000 - $90,000. (Comments are open if anyone cares to address the accuracy of these estimates.)

Evan Caminker's 12-month salary as Dean is $338,000, and Allyn David Kantor's 8-month salary as LEO Lecturer is $266,342.

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The other significant piece of the puzzle with that list of professors is royalty income.

The list of the most highly compensated professors overlaps heavily with those with the most trade and textbook press publications (produced, of course, as part of their professional duties). For professors like Miller and McKinnon, royalty income should be significant, and almost all would have some royalty income.

Posted by: ohwilleke | Feb 14, 2007 8:39:20 AM