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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jon Stewart on the "Pimp Tax"

Funny video from last night's Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the "Pimp Tax" (previously blogged here):

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I was so moved by this video that I've decided to help all those people who deal only in cash to fill out their tax returns. If you're a ticket scalper and worry about how to pay your taxes, come to me. If you own a bar and get upset because so many people pay you in cash and it's hard to keep up with it to make sure that the IRS gets its cut, come to me. I want to help those who operate in the cash underground economy to ease their consciences and to get right with the IRS. We are open for business---and, can probably guarantee that there will be no wait.

Posted by: Woody | Aug 16, 2006 1:54:16 PM