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Saturday, August 19, 2006


For over 30 years, the University of Florida Graduate Tax Program has been one of the nation's leading programs for the advanced study of tax law. Among the country's 30 graduate tax programs, Florida has by far the largest number of full-time faculty and is the only school to offer three advanced tax degrees:


Graduate tax students assist in the publication of the Florida Tax Review, one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed tax journals in the country.  In this 12-part series, TaxProf Blog will profile the Florida Graduate Tax Faculty.

BraunerYariv Brauner joins the University of Florida this fall. He will teach primarily in Florida’s International Tax Graduate Tax Programs together with Professors Paul McDaniel and Larry Lokken. He came to the United States in 1997 to take the NYU LL.M. in International Taxation and enjoy New York City’s East Village.

Originally from Israel, Yariv grew up in the Galilee, spent a long time in the Israeli Defense Forces and went to law school at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

After receiving his LL.M. from NYU, Yariv joined Ernst & Young New York City’s international tax practice at the peak of the high tech boom, where he was involved in tax planning for both large and start-up clients, primarily involving technology transfers and international restructurings.

In 2000, Yariv was called by his mentor, Paul McDaniel, to teach at NYU as an acting assistant professor in the international tax program while continuing to consult with E&Y. He spent a wonderful three years teaching a variety of tax courses at NYU, including Fundamentals of U.S. Individual and Business Taxation, Comparative Tax Policy, Corporate Tax, Advanced Corporate Tax Problems (International), International Tax, International Tax Policy, International Business Transactions, Tax Procedure, and Comparative Jurisprudence: Taxation. At the same time he completed his doctoral work at NYU on cross-border M&A, receiving the J.S.D. May 2003. In 2003 he joined the faculty at Northwestern, where he taught in the Graduate Tax Program. In 2004 he joined the Arizona State University College of Law’s faculty.

Yariv has written several tax articles (both in Hebrew and English) and has participated in several International Tax seminars, lecturing in Israel, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, China, Switzerland and the United States.

Yariv focuses his scholarship on the merits of international coordination of tax policies, following Professor Avi-Yonah’s lead in the field. His current projects include article on valuation of intangibles, the (unjustifiable) corporate tax, and on international fairness.

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