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Monday, May 1, 2006

Bloggership Symposium Wrap-Up

Berkman_logo_4I am back from our symposium on Bloggership:  How Blogs Are Transforming Legal Scholarship.  It was a wonderful two days, meeting old and new friends and engaging in a fascinating discussion about the role of blogs in the scholarly enterprise.  It was especially exciting to hold the event in conjunction with Harvard Law School's reunion, as we had quite a large numbIer of folks in attendance throughout the day.

My Introduction, Are Scholars Better Bloggers?, was inspired by Jim Lindgren's article, Are Scholars Better Teachers?, 73 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 823 (1998).  Brian Leiter says that "only a miniscule number of first-rate legal scholars in any field actually blog on scholarly topics; indeed, if you subtract the Chicago faculty blog and Balkinization, 'miniscule' may overstate the number of leading lights in their fields who blog in their areas of scholarly expertise (you can probably count the remainder on one hand). I find it hard to see how blogs can have much significant scholarly impact when the most significant scholars rarely participate in the forum, or, at least, rarely participate for scholarly purposes."  My Introduction reaches the opposite conclusion, using the metrics developed by Leiter and others for ranking scholarly performance of law faculty.  I will be posting the Introduction to the SSRN conference site over the summer and packaging the papers and commentary for submission to law reviews in early August.

In the meantime, check out the coverage of the symposium in the blogosphere.  The most detailed coverage is by Tim Armstrong (who is wrapping up his stint as Assistant Director of the Berkman Center's Clinical Program in Cyberlaw to join Cincinnati's faculty).  He provides a very thoughtful wrap-up post, as well as detailed descriptions of all of the panels:

The ever-resourceful Ian Best of 3L Epiphany has assembled a comprehensive compilation of blogosphere commentary about the conference.

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