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Monday, February 27, 2006

Status of California's ReadyReturn Program

Readyreturn_1Joe Bankman reports that there is a move afoot in the California legislature to repeal the ReadyReturn Program:

The Republicans in the CA legislator have now introduced legislation to kill the program entirely [No. 1335]. There is a Democratic bill that would expand the program to 1M taxpayers this year and up to 4M taxpayers in the future [No. 2905].  The bill would also pledge the FTB (state tax agency) to work toward giving all taxpayers access to the 3rd-party reporting of their wages, interest income, consulting income and so on. Taxpayers (or their preparers) could log in on-line before filing to see the income reported to the State and make sure their figures matched. The Republicans have already come out with a position paper on their bill. The Democrats, true to form, are late in their launch. Something should be out soon.

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