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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New International Tax Blog

Livingston_2 New_blogs_13A hearty welcome to Michael A. Livingston (Rutgers-Camden), who joins the tax prof blogosphere with From Milan to Mumbai.  Michael's inaugural post explains the three objectives of his blog:

The first is to provide insightful or at least readable commentary on major developments in international and comparative taxation, a subject (especially the latter) which is largely undeveloped in American academia. I'll move from country to country, starting with some of the ones I'm more familiar with, and try to keep my readers informed about the developments in taxation and fiscal policy at each location....

The second purpose is to promote an academic discussion of antisemitism, racism, islamophobia and similar subjects in a way that cuts across the usual disciplinary lines....

Third and last, I will offer commentary on contemporary legal and public policy issues from a politically incorrect but not necessarily conservative position.

By my count, Mike is the seventh law school tax professor with a blog.  Links to all tax blogs are maintained in the left column of permanent resources on TaxProf Blog.

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I am interested to know if anyone knows anything about the new bill the Indian Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas has proposed offering tax breaks to pipelines?

...something about a ten-year tax holiday??

I would love to get a look at's still in it's proposal stage as I understand it.

Posted by: Tanya Chalker | Mar 1, 2006 6:02:07 AM