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Monday, January 23, 2006

IRS Office of Chief Counsel (Corporate) Seeks to Fill Attorney Position

Irs_logo_190The IRS's Office of Chief Counsel is seeking to fill an attorney position in the Office of Associate Chief Counsel (Corporate):

With the IRS as its client and 1500 attorneys on staff, the Office of Chief Counsel is the preeminent employer for tax attorneys in the country. Our attorneys are valued assets and the legal experience provided in Chief Counsel is unlike any other. Chief Counsel attorneys provide top quality legal advice and representation to the IRS in the administration of the nation's tax laws.

The Associate Chief Counsel, Corporate employs approximately 80 attorneys who work in our National Office in Washington, DC. These attorneys provide published guidance, field support, and legal advice on tax matters involving corporate organizations, reorganizations, liquidations, spin-offs, transfers to controlled corporations, distributions to shareholders, debt vs. equity determinations, bankruptcies, and consolidated return issues affecting groups of affiliated corporations, among other matters.

Major Duties: The incumbent serves as an expert in several specific areas of the tax law, handling problems in a highly professional and competent manner. The incumbent performs the following major duties and responsibilities: - Considering suggestions for changes in the Internal Revenue laws. Analyzing the effects of the proposed changes and either prepares well reasoned recommendations as to the advisability of the changes, or as assigned, prepares drafts of the legislative suggestions in the proper form. - Analyzing Internal Revenue laws and other Federal laws relating to issues under the jurisdiction of the Associate Chief Counsel. Identifying regulatory and tax administration issues raised by those laws, and developing and drafting Treasury regulations interpreting or implementing those laws.

Salary:  $65,048 - $118,828.

Application Deadline:  January 23, 2006.

For more information and to apply, see here.

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