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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chronicle: Penn Legislators Grill Temple President on Liberal Bias on Campus

Interesting article in today's Chronicle of Higher Education, Pennsylvania Legislators Grill Temple U.'s President in Hearings About Liberal Bias on Campuses, by Jennifer Jacobson:

A state legislative committee gathered here on Monday for its third round of hearings to investigate whether the state's public colleges indoctrinate students in left-wing ideology and discriminate against those with conservative points of view.

For other perspectives on Monday's hearing, see:

Update:  For reports on Tuesday's hearing, see:

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Campus Leftists are worse than "biased"-- they exhibit vile prejudices that translate to extortion enterprises targeting any student sufficiently independent to oppose their squalid preconceptions. The idea is, Agree with my ideological obsessions, or I will kneecap your educational career. Where is RICO when we need it?

This is by no means an exaggeration. "Bias", indeed! Even North Korean commissars display a wee, small, tiny bit of pragmatism. Not so your Juan Coles, Ward Churchills, and others of their ilk. In no other venue than Academia would these thugs survive an instant. Faced with the slightest opposition, they whimper and cry Foul, resorting always to the ad hominem, and when that fails, simply censoring or falsely editing the others' case.

To call these cheese-quakes "educators" is so much a misnomer that they themselves are proud to state that, yes, they teach not what is true but what their narcisisstic little egos think is "right". Typical Me Generation... thirty years from now, one suspects that the real "cultural divide" from the 1960s through about 2004 will be seen not as the conventional discordance between so-called "left" and "right", but as a more fundamental difference of weak-kneed collective dependents vs. anyone with character enough to forge ahead and "make it" on their own.

Leftism is a parasitical phenomenon that, like a tapeworm, either kills the host by malnourishment or provokes a sufficient reaction for the gorging worm to be excreted.

Against academic prevaricators, facts are no defense; truth is no defense; bureaucratic procedures are no defense. March on them, occupy their cozy offices, toss 'em through the window! After all, isn't this what they've been "teaching" all these years?

Posted by: John Blake | Jan 11, 2006 6:17:27 AM

I've had numerous occasions where professors have launched into rants against the war during lectures that had only the most tenuous connection to the topic. One professor kept stressing an accusation against the military (one thoroughly debunked) so much that I - a former soldier - finally had enough and made a complaint.

Exacerbating the issue is the fact that most of these same professors are hopelessly ignorant of any subject outside their own field, especially history.

Previously most profs seemed to assume that everyone present shared their views; some of them are starting to understand there is a backlash, and so they increasingly complain about the growing "conservatism" in the student body.

Posted by: student | Jan 11, 2006 6:59:59 AM

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