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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tax Podcasts

Taxupdate_2 Last night, thanks to the Tax Guru, I stumbled across Ed Zollar's web site, which has posted tax podcasts since July 2005.  Here are the three most recent tax podcasts available on the site:   


Apple_ipodBy the Form—New IRS Schedule D Instructions (12/24):

For our Christmas Eve edition of the podcast we look at the controversy that has arisen about a modification the IRS made to this year's Schedule D instructions. In the 2005 edition of the instructions, the IRS specifically indicates that taxpayers may not enter "See Attached" and reference a schedule of detailed transactions for Schedule D, but rather must fill the details on Schedule D-1.

Confession is Good for the Pocketbook (12/16):

This week we look at adequate disclosure under Revenue Procedure 2005-75 for purposes of escaping the substantial understatement penalty under Section 6662(a).

This week we look at the issue of legal fees and settlement, and the tax status of such. We'll look at the result in the Hauge case where a taxpayer and the partnership she owned virtually all of the interests in settled the same legal dispute with quite different tax consequences.

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Hi Paul,

I've been enjoying your blogs.
And when it comes to podcasts, TaxMama has been posting the free daily TaxQuips podcasts since June 8, 2005. Please feel free to drop by. or

Keep up the informative stream of information!

Best wishes,
Eva Rosenberg

Posted by: Eva Rosenberg, EA | Jan 10, 2006 4:33:09 AM