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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WSJ Calls TaxProf Blog "A Must-Read Blog"

This morning's Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on blogs, What the In-Crowd Knows; From Hollywood to Wall Street, Our Guide to the Blogs Insiders Read to Stay Current:

No self-respecting industry these days is without a must-read blog. Although they vary wildly on fine points like accuracy, they are now so widely read that it's assumed anybody in the business is up to speed on the latest postings. For outsiders, they are also a window into the inner workings, preoccupations and gossip of fields ranging from real estate to mergers and acquisitions....

Here are some of the most influential blogs across industries ranging from publishing and finance to health care and Hollywood, put together by The Wall Street Journal's beat reporters in these areas.

The WSJ lists 21 blogs in 15 industries, and gives a nice plug to TaxProf Blog as one of two "must-read" tax blogs (along with the Tax Analysts web site (which. of course, isn't really a blog)):

The TaxProf Blog compiles the latest tax-news articles, legislation, academic papers and updates from other tax blogs. Launched last year -- on April 15 -- by University of Cincinnati College of Law Professor Paul L. Caron, the site has gained a wide following among tax professionals, academics and policy-makers. It contains links to state, federal and international tax information and even has a section called "Celebrity Tax Lore" which links to stories on the "tax issues of the rich and famous," says Mr. Caron, as well as other tax-related trivia and cartoons. A recent posting, for instance, links to articles about teenage golfer Michelle Wie receiving her first tax form.

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Well-deserved. Congratulations!

Posted by: Joe Kristan | Nov 16, 2005 8:15:07 AM

Congratulations on making the WSJ's list of top blogs. You have worked very hard to produce an excellent blog.

You may be interested in knowing that this article is one of the Journal's free RSS feeds today at:

Posted by: Kerry Kerstetter | Nov 16, 2005 6:31:19 PM

Congratulations are certainly in order. I look forward to your breaking out of the champagne in a week or so when your Site Meter number tops 1M.

Posted by: Stuart Levine | Nov 17, 2005 4:40:53 AM