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Friday, November 18, 2005

More on IRS's Threatened Revocation of All Saints Church's Tax-Exemption

Continuing our extensive coverage (here, here, here, here, here, and here) of the IRS's threatened revocation of the tax exemption of All Saints Episcopal Church because of an anti-war sermon delivered the Sunday before the 2004 Presidential election:

Congressman Adam Schiff wants the Internal Revenue Service to explain its inquiry regarding a Pasadena church that could lose its tax-exempt status for an anti-war sermon given days before the 2004 election.

Sacramento's Pacific Justice Institute usually lends legal support for conservative religious causes, such as those critical of how public schools teach evolution. But after news broke last week that the Internal Revenue Service had threatened to revoke the tax exemption of a liberal Pasadena church over an anti-war homily, Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus offered the church legal services - pro bono."This case is a serious affront to the freedom of pastors, priests and rabbis who should have the right to express their views from the pulpit," said Dacus. All Saints Church declined the offer.

As silly as this investigation may seem, it calls attention to the even more ridiculous fact that the government subsidizes religion through tax exemptions by allowing them to have more funds available for use.

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