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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Tax Foundation's Countdown to Tax Reform

Tax_foundation_9 As we awaits the November 1 deadline of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform, the Tax Foundation has launched a new series of analyses under the banner "Countdown to Tax Reform."  During the weeks leading up to that deadline, the "Countdown to Tax Reform" series will release a handful of "Fiscal Facts" exploring various aspects of the current tax system, and highlighting potential avenues for reform.  In connection with the series, the Tax Foundation has released the ten core principles of tax policy that underlie its work:

    1. Transparency is a must
    2. Be neutral
    3. Maintain a broad base
    4. Keep it simple
    5. Stability matters
    6. No retroactivity
    7. Keep tax burdens low
    8. Don't inhibit trade
    9. Ensure an open process
    10. State and local taxes matter

For further details of these ten principles of sound tax policy, see here.

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